25 - 30

Heaven -      Earth
Masculine    Feminine
1 3 5 7 9  = 25 
2 4 6 8 10 = 30
                           Ma Ya
                            म य
                            25 26 Sequence
                            25 30 Gematria
Hence the gematria of Ma - Ya as in Maya (the word for the illusion of Life). = the gematria of Heaven - Earth.If one reverses these two syllables of Ma Ya one has Ya ma (Lord of Death, the Underworld).  
If one arranges the numbers 1 - 9 in a Budhu Square or Magic Square one has the sequences
 4              9            2
 3              5 (10)    7
 8              1            6
If we join the unequal numbers we have a Lightning Bolt or Flaming Sword of the Cabala. This shape is also obtained in some versions of a Masonic Cipher if we join the letters  S T U V or W X Y Z or J K L M .This shape is also close to one variant of the Wolsangel Rune.
If we join equal numbers of earth we have a reversed Z.. 
If we try the same process of following the days of the week implictly linked with the signs of the zodiac in the zodiac square we begin in the central line (Saturday Sunday) move upwards for the next 3 days (Monday, Tuesday Wednesday) and then descend to the last 2 days (Thursday - Friday). Again we have a Z shape which is now bisected as in the Sowila and Worsangel Runes. 
These examples suggest that the letter Z was much more than a letter. It began as a summary of the first 6 letters.
Male Heaven                                       Female Heaven
Z                                                            S
Za                                                          Sa
Zhe                                                       Sha
Male Generative Principle               Female Generative/Reproductive Principle
I (J. Y)                                                  E ( F, H)
iz                                                           is 
ish                                                        esh 
Ishan                                                   Ishani
SE - NW                                              SW - NE 
Beginning                                           End  
Life                                                       Life and also Death
zI                                                          zrI