Eastern Palace

Eastern Palace Eastern Palace - total of 75 du more or less: 1. Chio, Horn, includes Spica, Arcturus, and the handle of the Big Dipper, 12 du plus; in ESE Trigram and Correct and Seam Needle Keng; 2. Khang, Neck, 9 du plus; 3. Ti, Base or Foundation, 16 du minus; 4. Fang, Room, 5 du; 5. Hsin, Heart, includes Antares, 6 du; 6. Wei, Tail, 18 du; 7. Chi, Winnowing-Basket, includes part of Center of Milky Way, 9 du exact; (Wei and Chi together correspond to the game Wei-Qi.) Chio, Khang, Ti, Fang, Hsin, Wei, Chi Horn, Neck, Base, Room, Heart, Tail, Winnowing Basket