Southern Palace

Southern Palace Southern Palace - total of 104 du more or less: 22. Ching, Eastern Well, including Rim of Milky Way, 30 du minus; 23. Kuei, Ghost and Ghost-Carriage, including Praesepe, (extent not stated); 24. Liu, Willow, 13 du exact; 25. Hsing, Seven Stars, includes Niao, Alfard, Bird Star, 6 du; 26. Chang, Net, 17 du plus; 27. I, Wings, 20 du minus; 28. Chen, Chariot, 18 du plus. http://www.valdostamuseum.org/hamsmith/LoPan.html Ching, Kuei, Liu, Hsing, Chang, I, Chen Eastern Well, Ghost, Willow, Seven Stars, Net, Wings, Chariot