10 Perfections Knot

10 Perfections Knot One of the more complicated creations is the 10 perfections knot, which consists of many smaller knots, each expressing a different meaning. The 10 idealistic perfections, and their Chinese phrasings, include: Making big fortunes on a small amount of money, i-pen wan-li; two hearts united as one, erh-jen tung-hsin; qualifying to become a government official, san-yuan chi-ti; enduring all four seasons, ssu-chi ping-an; having an abundant harvest, wu-ku feng-shou; All of earth dwelling in harmony, liu-ho tung-chun; a happy reunion of seven sons, chi-tzu tuan-yuan; birthday congratulations from the eight legendary immortals, pa-hsien shang-shou; nine generations living together, chiu-shih tung-chu; and achievement in wealth and rank, shih-chuan fu-kuei. http://taiwanjournal.nat.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=11164&CtNode=118