Fu - Zang

Zang - Fu Organs San Yiao is also called Triple Energizer or TE. The TE contains all the major Zang Fu organ meridians. It is a hollow Fu organ (along with the gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and urinary bladder) that is connected to the solid Zang organs (heart, lungs, spleen, liver, and kidneys) by way of the pericardium. ... Also known as the Three/Triple Heater/Burner/Warmer/Energizer, the Sanjiao is regarded in the TCM Zang Fu organ<=>meridian system as the central hollow body cavity, Fu/Yang - in contrast to the more solid - Zang/Yin - viscera and their vital energetic (Qi) pathways, or meridians, and the various acupoint gates of Qi circulation. The Sanjiao is viewed as a major internal organ encompassing the gallbladder (GB), stomach (ST), small intestine (SI), large intestine (LI), and urinary bladder (BL). It is perceived to be directly connected to the Zang; namely, the heart (HT), lungs (LU), spleen (SP), liver (LR), and kidneys (KI), by way of the pericardium (PC).1