Gargan This name, Gargan, is borne by numerous place names but it is some-times found modified, especially into Galgan and Gargas. It is nearly always hill-tops or underground sites whose names are linked in this way with this chthonian deity; in France, for example: Mount Gargan in the Limousin and the one near Rouen; Mounts Gargan, Galgan and Gargas in the Alps; the grottoes of Gargas, prehistoric sites in the Pyrenees (4c). In Italy, Monte Gargano, with which we are concerned here, is doubtless the most important site to which the name is attached; Henri Dontenville has shown that this archaic deity very likely had a sanctuary there (4c). http://www.sacrednumber.co.uk/journal/2006/12/22/the-gargantuan-goddess-girls-nine-maidens.html