Shi Jing

Shi Jing The Book of Odes (Book of Songs, Shi Jing, Classic of Poetry) was a compilation of 305 Chinese poems dating from as long ago as 1000 BCE. After studying three thousand poems, Kong Fuzi structured a revised compilation of songs, which became known as the Book of Odes. In the Book of Odes, there were 160 Folk Songs (airs), 40 Hymns (deities and ancestral songs), 31 Major Festal Songs (solemn court ceremonies songs), and 74 Minor Festal Songs (traditional court festival odes. http://www.maureengraceburns.org/Hierarchs_of_Twelve_Universal_Rays_Hierarch_Kong_Fuzi_Kongzi_Virtuous_Teacher_Kong_Confucius.htm