Bethany Bethany in the present Kingdome of Jordan (is 45 Kilometers West of Amman), where John the Baptist lived and baptized, has always Been identified with several ancient prophets and biblical episodes associated with the Jordan River area.Theses include John the Baptist’s mission, the baptism of Jesus, Joshua’s crossing of the Jordan River, the last days of Moses, and the Prophets Elijah and Elisha. This Bethany area has also been known as Bethania and Bethabara as depicted on the 6th century mosaic map located at the Saint George’s church in Madaba (35 kilometers from Amman). (from the Arabic Beit el-Obour, or house of the crossing’), and it called Beit Anya in Arabic language bibles. http://www.dsbt.com/phototour.htm Beth-Abara or Bethabara