Naraka Planet

Naraka Planet Five thousand years ago there were some planets going round the earth. Some of these planets disappear from time to time. There was one planet called Naraka which used to go round the earth. In the course of their orbits, sometimes the moon and the Naraka planet used to get close to each other. At one time, the Naraka planet appeared to be approaching close to the earth. This inhabitants of the earth were filled with dread of the approaching catastrophe. They prayed to the Lord for diverting the imminent disaster and saving them. At that stage, Sri Krishna used his extraordinary knowledge (Prajnana) to destroy that planet. This extraordinary knowledge of Krishna was termed Sathya. That is to say, Krishna destroyed the Naraka planet taking association with Sathya. The denizens of the world started celebrating that day with lighting of lamps and adoring the Lord who saved them. That day of the Lord’s triumph was celebrated as a festive occasion. http://www.dailynews.lk/2007/11/08/fea09.asp