San Fu

San Fu Jing ye means good karma , the deeds which lead to birth in the Pure-Land . San fu , the three(sources of) felicity : 1) The Amitabha Buddha Sutra has the felicity of (a) shi , i.e. , filial piety , regard for elders , keeping the ten commandments ; (b) jie , i.e. , disciplines of keeping the other commandments ; (c) xing , or practice of resolve on complete bodhi and the pursuit of the Buddha-way . Jing ye san fu is , therefore , the three things that bring a happy lot-almsgiving , impartial kindness and love , pondering over the demands of the life beyond . http://www.litphil.sinica.edu.tw/publish/Bulletin/02.htm Jing Ye San Fu pure deeds and three blessings