kaMsa kaMsa {as} , {am} m. n. ({kam} Un2. iii , 62) , a vessel made of metal , drinking vessel , cup , goblet AV. x , 10 , 5 AitBr. S3Br. &c. (a noun ending in {as} followed by {kaMsa} in a compound does not change its final cf. %{ayas-kaMsa} , &c. Pa1n2. 8- , 3 , 46) a particular measure (= two Adhakas Car. ; = one A1dhaka L.) a metal , tutanag or white copper , brass , bell-metal m. N. of a king of Mathura (son of Ugra-sena and cousin of the Devaki who was mother of Krishna [Ugra-sena being brother of Devaka , who was father of Devaki] ; he is usually called the uncle , but was really a cousin of Krishna , and became his implacable enemy because it had been prophesied to Kansa that he would be killed by a child of Devaki as the foe of the deity he is identified with the Asura Kalanemi ; and , as he was ultimately slain by Krishna , the latter receives epithets like {kaMsa-jit} , conqueror of Kansa , &c.) MBh. VP. BhP. &c. N. of a place g. {takSazilAdi} Pa1n2. 4-3 , 93 ({A}) f. N. of a sister of Kansa Hariv. BhP. VP. 6 kAMsa mf(%{I})n. born in Kansa g. {takSazilAdi}.