Upper Elixir Field

Upper Elixir Field The middle spot between two eyes is Yin Tang in which at the very beginning of disciplining heart you should settle your mind-will; From which orifice-point around 3. 3cm further inward you can locate Ming Tang, another 3.3cm further is the Dong Fang, at last another 3.3cm further you can find out the position of upper elixir field, also called Ni Wang Gong. From the Yin Tang downward to the palate, upon which there exist two orifice-points called Que Qiao..... The upper orifice occupies the position of Brightness Hexagram, with its interior being yin nature and exterior yang nature, its core the home of congenital nature http://www.fx120.net/english/tcm/TCMHC/QG/QGPP/200504140922576893.htm