I - J - Y

In China, Yi and Ji are 2 of 10 heavenly  stems which lead to the Ji Ying or I Ching.
In the alphabet of the Magi these three letters are covered by one letter:
In the Celtic tradition these three letters are covered by one  word and one tree:
I, J, Y - Ioho - Yew
Spring            Summer                     Winter
I,                      J,                                  Y
Ia                    Ja                                 Ya(h)
Ian                  Jan                               Yan
Iao                  Jao, Jiao                     Yao
Iaro                 Jaro                             Yaro
Iuri                  Juri                               Yuri
Ieorge            Jorge, George            Yeorge, Yorge
Iorick              Jorick                           Yorick
Iapetus          Japeth                          Yapeth
Iarilo               Jarilo                            Yarilo
Ioannes         Johannes                    Yohannes
Iesus              Jesus                           Yesus
Iehovah          Jehovah                       Yehovah