The Psychic Duad

The Psychic Duad In Jung-ian philosophy and psychology, there are four "Functions of Consciousness", which govern the psyche of the individual. These four are Thinking and Feeling, and Sensation and Intuition. Two duads are formed which can be associated with the Four Elements of Hermetic thought. Consciousness under ordinary circumstances is governed by one primary function, with another from the alternate duad as co-pilot. The first duad, that of Thinking and Feeling, is the element of the psyche that judges impressions that are received. The second duad, that of Sensation and Intuition, is the collector of those so-called facts we received from the Universe. An imbalance of these four elements can create an unhealthy psychic state and the equilibrium of the Four Functions is spoken of as "Centering yourself in the Cross of the Elements" in the Work. Psyche Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, Intuition