Triple Mystery

Triple Mystery pratique ésotérique de l’école des Paroles Véritables (shingonshu, shenyuanzhong) qui associe une posture physique, particulièrement des mains (mystère du corps, 身密, shinmitsu, shenmi) à l’incantation de mantra (mystère des mots, 密語, mitsugo, miyu) et à des représentations mentales de bouddha ou bodhisattva (mystère du mental, 意密, imitsu, yimi). Nous retrouvons là une illustration de la vieille classification bouddhique des actes qui distingue les actes corporels, vocaux et mentaux. http://www.miaofa.com/DicoT.html Mystery of Body, Mystery of Words, Mystery of Mind shenmi, miyu, yimi 身密, 密語, 意密 Cf. the Christian view: Man is, therefore, a triple mystery, and yet a unity. The one man exists in the threefold mystery of life, mind and spirit. Those who speak of man as being a trinity of body, soul, and spirit are overlooking the fact that the body is corruptible, and mortal, and cannot be the image of God, for God is a Spirit. The body is but the jewel case that holds the immortal, mysterious,inexplicable trinity of His being. http://www.ensignmessage.com/archives/trinity.html triple mystery of Good Friday, Easter and Pentecost www.saint-mike.org/spcdc/swprayers/houseblessing.pdf The Chapel is dedicated to Christ in the triple mystery of the Sacrifice of the Cross, his Eucharistic Presence and the Divine Mercy http://www.stgeorge.org.mt/news_details.asp?NewsID=119