vyavasAya m. strenuous effort or exertion Car. ; settled determination , resolve , purpose , intention to (loc. , acc. with %{prati} , or comp. {-yamkR} MBh. Ka1v. &c. Resolution (personified) R. Pur. trade , business Campak. ; an act , action , performance R. ; first impression or perception Nilak. state , condition MBh. artifice , stratagem , trick W. boasting ib. N. of Vishnu MW. ; of Siva ib. ; of a son of Dharma by Vapus (daughter of Daksha) ib. {-dvitIya} mfn. doubled or attended by (i.e.possessing) resolution BhP. {-buddhi} mfn. having a resolute mind ib. {-vat} mfn. full of resoluteness or perseverance MBh. Hariv. {-vartin} mfn. acting resolutely , resolute Kam. {-yAtmaka} mfn. full of resolve or energy , energetic , laborious MBh.