Kudlakom - Kresnikom

Often the battle between kudlakom and kresnikom originated in animals images. Традиционных животных форм у кресника две - это пёс и вол (бык). Traditional forms of animals from kresnika two - this dog and the ox (bull). В рассказах посвященных битве в животном обличьи важное значение цветовая символика. In stories about the battle in the guise of animal importance of color symbolism. Как правило она проста: белый бык это кресник, черный - кудлаки и прочие упыри. Usually it is simple: a white bull is kresnik, black - kudlaki and other upyr. Cited from Website: Станислав Каменев - Кресник Stanislav Kamenev - Kresnik Mountain and highlands peaks were often inhabited by divine or demonic beings (eg. Kresnik, Vedomec, Pehtra, Zlatorog). People tended to avoid them, either out of fear or from awe. Shepherds who drove the cattle to mountain pastures made gifts of bread to baba, mistress of the wilderness. It is not by chance that names like baba, babji zob (baba’s tooth),etc. often appear in our world. The high rocky faces of precipices were often the scene of dramatic events. There is for instance the story of a girl, who threw herself from the top of the precipice to escape the pursuers, or another tale of a girl pushed off the cliff by the Turks. On mountain tops and in highlands people imagined paradise gardens, as we read in the tales of Zlatorog (Goldenhorn) or Kresnik. http://www.thezaurus.com/?/webzine/perceptions_of_landscape/