Ploughman/Vine-Grower Around 5,354 BC, the Ploughman/Vine-Grower moves off the pole and Ta-Urt–more precisely, a portion of Ta-Urt, the Cosmic Hippo–takes over the pole. Ta-Urt, who became Draco (‘Dragon’ or ‘Serpent’) of later planispheres, is unique because she is so sizable and 3Ibid., p. 107 4Faulkner RO, The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, Oak Park: Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 1969, p.316. strategically placed as a constellation that the ecliptic runs through her while at specific periods in the polar precession, the magnetic pole is also situated in her. Draco too is so configured as to be the locus of the ecliptic pole and, in turn, the magnetic pole. Ta-Urt’s strategic place in the northern polar heaven is indicated by one of her names: Ment Uret, ‘the Great Mooring Post,’ i.e., the ecliptic around which the circumpolar stars revolved.5 Ta-Urt, the hippopotamus goddess of ancient Egypt, was probably the oldest deity in the pantheon. She had a number of other names: Apit, Rerit, and Deb, to name a few, and several other goddesses exhibited a hippo form. As Apit, Ta-Urt’s holiest sanctuary was Apit-Isut, in what later became Amon’s temple complex at Karnak. One could say that Ta-Urt loomed over the whole polar Great Year as the Determiner (or Mother) of Cosmic Time, since the ecliptic pole–around which the magnetic pole gyrated in a 25,900-year spin–passed through her. And, as indicated above, she also had a circumpolar location, around herself as it were. In one of his forms, Set was the male hippopotamus and therefore the son of Ta-Urt. In this instance, he participates in her stellar character. In fact it is said, concerning Set and his ‘children,’ ‘ The Children of Seth’ were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies and their order...6 The time comes when Ta-Urt falls away from the pole (1,651 BC) and when she does, so does Set. With this event, the cosmo-religious character of the hippopotamus shifts because this animal, at least in its Sethian aspect, becomes a type of the enemy of Horus who has emerged as the Cosmic Hero deity. 5Budge, op. http://www.charlessfinch.com/uploads/NILE_VALLEY_CHRONOLOGY_DOUBLE_GREAT_YEAR_3.pdf