Belobog Names

Belobog, Byallbog, Belun
by poison with [Triglavom] were always located [Belobog] ([Belbog]) and [Chernobog], which were in a constant fight with each other: daylight grew dim in those moving twilights, and morning dawn scattered the night dark; for the change of melancholy happiness hurried: the time of disinterested and good deeds came following the cruelty and the envy. [Beloboga] depicted as wise gray-bearded and grey-haired old man, [Chernoboga] - deformed by skeleton-like “[koshcheem]”. However, [Beloboga] and [Chernoboga] read a little in the equal measure. In Pomerania the mountain, which is called [Belobogom], is raised. In Poland these are such places as To [byalobozhe] and [Byalobozhnitsa], in the Czech Republic - [Belozhitse], in Ukrainian [Galitsii] - [Belbozhnitsa]. Near Moscow, next to [Radonezhem], there was a sanctuary Of [belobogi], and in Kostroma orthodox to trio -[Belobozhskiy] monastery preserved in its name the name of the ancient god of light and heat. Memory about the bright god is imprinted in the name of natural boundary white gods, on the north of Moscow, not far from [Sergieva] of settlement. [Belbog] ([Belobog], [Belun]) - the embodiment of light, the god of good, success, happiness, good, the personification of day and spring sky. Its sanctuary was on the hill, opened to the sun, and the numerous gold and silver adornments Of [belboga] reflected the game of rays and even at night they lit up the temple, where there it was neither united shadow nor united gloomy corner.