12 February

12 February Saint Benedict of Aniane Saint Alexis of Moscow Saint Damian of Alexandria http://www.answers.com/topic/february-12-1 Saint Meletius of Antioch, archbishop (381) Saint Alexis of Moscow, Metropolitan bishop and Wonderworker of all Russia (1378) Saint Mary (Marinus) at Alexandria, nun, and her father Eugene (6th century) Saint Callia Saint Antony of Constantinople, Patriarch Martyr Chrestos at Constantinople (1748) Saint Bassian, abbot of Ryabovsky Forest Monastery in Uglich Russian new martyr Alexius of Voronezh, bishop (1930) Russian new martyr Mitrophan, archpriest (1931) Saint Gertrude of Nijvel, abbess Martyr Saturninus Martyr Plotinus http://www.answers.com/topic/february-12