14 Holy Helpers

14 Holy Helpers Name (Alternate) Feast day Patronage Agathius (Acacius) May 8 Against headache Barbara Barbara December 4 Against fever and sudden death Blaise Blaise (Blase, Blasius) February 3 Against illness of the throat Catherine of Alexandria November 25 Against sudden death Christopher Christopher July 25 Against bubonic plague Cyriacus August 8 Against temptation on death-bed Denis (Dionysus) October 9 Against headache Erasmus Erasmus (Elmo) June 2 Against intestinal ailments Eustace Eustace (Eustachius, Eustathius) September 20 Against family discord George George April 23 For the health of domestic animals Giles Giles (Aegidius) September 1 Against plague, for a good confession Margaret of Antioch July 20 During childbirth Pantaleon Pantaleon July 27 For physicians Vitus (Guy) June 15 Against epilepsy