Lada Terms

Lada goddess of beauty, love, marriage, family life Lada has 2 children: Knias Misyats - Mylanka Moon - Spring-May Lel Polel
Harmony - mother of gods, elder [Rozhanitsa], the patroness of kinds, women, children, marriage, love, female matters, pairs, harvest, fertility. Goddess of the Earth. Harmony he is considered as the family deity, widespread in by Slavyansk folklore. Husband of kind. It is one of two goddesses of [rozhanits]. [Rozhanitsa] mother (harmony) was connected by Slavs with the period of the summer fertility, when it ripens, it grows heavy, is filled harvest. This the means of ripe motherhood completely answers: fruit-bearing autumn. Artists usually depict as its elderly woman, good and fat. These are the honorable mistress of house, the mother of numerous family. The name (word) of harmony refers to the establishment of the order: " [LADIt]" , " [naLAZhivat]" and so forth some researchers recognize great to harmony by the mother of 12 months, into which to be divided year. But indeed months, are connected with 12 constellations of zodiac, which accordingly [astrologicheskoy] science, have an effect on human fate. Harmony it appears before us not simply by the goddess of summer, domestic cosiness and motherhood, it is connected even with the universal space law. One interesting detail of the cult Of [rozhanits]: " from the children the first hair cut and rams porridge cook to the meeting Of [rozhanits]".