Omnilinks Traditional methods focus on individual words in a text which are typically highlighted in blue. This is often as distracting as it is useful. SUMS introduces the concept of Omnilinks to address the needs of full text searching. Hereby every word in the text is linked and there is no need to highlight individual words. To see a demo go to the web-site below. Choose Books from the list: 1. Books 2. Abbreviations 3. Subjects 4. Technical Terms 5. Dictionaries 6. Encyclopaedias 7. Projects Choose New Media from the next list: 1. New Media 2. American Visions Choose omni-linked from the next list: 1. Printed 2. Hyper-linked 3. Hyper-illustrated 4. Omni-linked 5. Omni-index To make Omnilinks more accessible SUMS introduces the idea of an Omni-index whereby every word in a book or document is indexed.