Why Theological

There are important parallels between fundamental dimensions of why and roots of Theological and Religious life. At a cosmic level, Why? entails Necessity which has many names: Destiny, Fortune, Fate, Kismet etc At a human level Why? entails Necessity -in the form of Cause- Effect which leads to Theories. Principles of Science and Knowledge. - Desire in the form of Needs, Wishes, Problems, Challenges - Will in the form of energy to move, change, grow, transform Origin in the forms of Discovery, Invention, Creativity Love in the forms of Attraction, Desire, Sharing, Social, Collective Collaborative, Charity, Public, Common, Open. In Sanskrit one of the words is kama. In the West one of the words is charity . Faith in the forms of personal Will, Purpose, Goals, Aspirations, Aims, Motivation, Wishes in the forms of Religion, Myth, Magic, Science Hope in the form of Wishes, Dreams for the Future Wisdom in the form of Philosophy and Religion