Subjects Titles

Subjects Titles These options appear under What? in Intermediate Level. Clicking on What? displays all Caetgories Terms, Subjects, Topics in the SUMS databases. Clicking on Terms gives individual Terms (ior Personal Terms) in the database. Clicking on Keywords gives Keywords in the Database for a given Subject or Personal Term. In future, when we choose a given (Personal) Term such as Agriculture, the SUMS system will search in Wiki whether there are specific lists of Categories or Topics for that subject If ithe System finds results the appropriate heading will be highlighted. Clicking on the highlighted term displays the appropriate information. (cf. Web-site). In the Advanced Level this becomes three options: Classes Subjects Keywords Specialized Knowledge Packages such as an Electronic Book will have variantions on these two choices such as: Subjects Titles There could also be a series of alternative combinations, e.g.: Categories Topics Users focussed on this kind of searching will also use the function: Limit by What .