Theory - Philosophy

Theory Phillosophy of These options appear under Why? in Intermediate Level. Clicking on Why? gives Theoreis, Reasons, Principles, Causes. Clicking on Theory gives a subset of Theories in the database. Clicking on Philosophy of gives a susbset of Philosophy of with respect to a given (Personal) Term. In future, when we choose a given (Personal) Term such as Agriculture, the SUMS system will search in Wiki whether there are specific lcategories, topics or lists of Theory or Philosophy of for that subject If ithe System finds results the appropriate heading will be highlighted. Clicking on the highlighted term displays the appropriate information. For instance, in the case of Agriculture the system would find Agricultural Philosophy (cf. Web-site). For soem subjects and some doamins of study the keywords for Why? would be: Principles Theory In Advanced Level this becomes three options: Principles Theory Philosophy of