Branches of Grammar

Branches of Grammar Arabic Traditionally, the grammatical sciences are divided into five branches: al-luġah (lexicon) concerned with collecting and explaining vocabulary at-taṣrīf (morphology) determining the form of the individual words an-naḥw (syntax) primarily concerned with inflection (iʿrāb) which had already been lost in dialects. al-ištiqāq (derivation) examining the origin of the words al-balāġah (rhetoric) which elucidates construct quality Wiki Abstract Grammar Abstract Grammar -Abstract Logic Basic Parts of Grammar Branches of Grammar Class: Grammar Cognitive Grammar Comparative Grammar Construction Grammar Formal Grammar Generative Grammar Grammar - Dialectic Grammar - Logic Grammar Bibliography Grammar Dictionaries Grammar Encyclopedias Grammar Frameworks Grammar Terminology Grammar, Comparative and General Morphology Grammar, Comparative and General Phonology Grammar, Comparative and general Phonology, Comparative Grammar, Comparative and general--Bibliography Grammar, Dialectic, Rhetoric Grammar--Dictionaries Grammarians Linear Ordering (Grammar) Neogrammarian Object (Grammar) Order (Grammar) Systemic functional grammar Voice (Grammar)