Branches of Linguistics

Branches of Linguistics Linguistics: Branches Theoretical linguistics Phonetics Phonology Morphology Syntax Lexis Semantics Lexical semantics Statistical semantics Structural semantics Prototype semantics Pragmatics Branches and fields History of linguistics, Historical linguistics, Intercultural competence, Lexicography/Lexicology, Linguistic typology, Evolutionary linguistics Articulatory phonology, Biolinguistics, Computational linguistics, Biosemiotics, Articulatory synthesis, Machine translation, Natural language processing, Speaker recognition (authentication), Speech processing, Speech recognition, Speech synthesis, Concept Mining, Corpus linguistics, Critical discourse analysis, Cryptanalysis, Decipherment, Asemic Writing, Grammar Writing Forensic linguistics, Global language system, Glottometrics, Integrational linguistics, International Linguistic Olympiad, Language acquisition, Language attrition, Language engineering, Language geography, Metacommunicative competence, Natural Language Processing, Neurolinguistics, Orthography, Reading, Second language acquisition, Sociocultural linguistics, Stratificational linguistics, Text linguistics, Writing systems http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linguistics SUMS Inferential Role Semantics Abstract Semantics Cognitive Semantics Comparative Semantics Diachronic - Synchronic Semantics Diachronic Semantics Formal Semantics Frame semantics Frame Semantics (linguistics) Game Semantics General Semantics Kripke semantics Lexical Semantics Logical Semantics Model-theoretic Semantics Operational Semantics Probabilistic semantics Proof-theoretic semantics Prototype Semantics Semantics Semantics, Interpretation, Translation, etc. Statistical Semantics Structural Semantics Synchronic Semantics Syntax - Semantics Truth-conditional semantics Truth-value semantics