QT 3 Libraries

QT 3 Libraries Who? What? Where? When? How? Why? Who? Authors Corporations Organizations What? Class Subjects Titles Where? Continents Countries Cities When Dates Timelines History How Methods Practice Techniques Why Prnciples Theory Philosophy This list is similar to QT3 but specifically mapped to professional library entry terms: all words [ALL] title (keywords) [TIT] all topics [TPC] subject headng [SUH] inhaltsverzeichnisse [TXT] periodical (string) [PES] series, periodical (keywords0 [SER] person/author [PER] ISBN (books) [ISB] ISSN (periodicals) [ISS] any number [NUM] corporation (string) [COS] corporation (keywords [COR] conference (string)[CNS] conference(keywords) [CON] publisher, publishing place (keywords) [PUB] URL (string) [URL] URN (keyword) [URN] URL, URN (keyword) [URK] classification code [BCL] Pica prod. no. [PPN] In SUMS these are mapped to the first 6 Levels of Knowledge: 01: Names and Terms Libraries SUMS all words [ALL] = What? person/author [PER] = Who? and Authors corporation (string) [COS] = Corporations corporation (keywords [COR] = " " publisher, publishing place (keywords) [PUB] = Cities classification code [BCL] = Class subject headng [SUH] = Subjects Pica prod. no. [PPN] URL (string) [URL] URN (keyword) [URN] URL, URN (keyword) [URK] 02: Definitions 03: Explanations 04: Titles title (keywords) [TIT] = Titles periodical (string) [PES] series, periodical (keywords0 [SER] conference (string)[CNS] conference(keywords) [CON] 05: Partial Contents inhaltsverzeichnisse [TXT] = Partial Contents 06: Full Contents