Combined Searching

One of the innovations of SUMS is Combined Searching. As we have noted there are Ten Strategies: 1. Guided 2. Knowledge Packages 3. Internet 4. Databases 5. Libraries 6. Networks 7. Subjects 8. Classifications 9. Ontologies 10. Emergent These strategies can be seen as knowledge sources. Contemporary Search Engines and indeed most search efforts entail choosing a knowledge source and then finding as much as possible within that source: i.e. we go to the Internet or we go to a library. Combined Searching entails using/combining the resources of one source with another. For instance, once we fins an interesting name, term or title in a knowledge package we can then search for relevant websites on the Internet, for information about them in databases and for further knowledge about them in a library. Traditionally, the library we were in determined which classification system we needed to use within that library. Today we can theoretically consult an historical classification system such as Göttingen to learn about traditional topics and then use these in searching through other libraries and networks.