Left Margin

Left Margin In SUMS the left margin has Left Margin (Search) Elements which are further refined by the Choices in Right Margin Choices Box. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In SUMS the Left Margin initially contains 1 Main Element: Related Personal Terms The most basic of the Left Margin Elements is Related Personal Terms. These are terms related to the Personal Term in Use. They are provided by each Knowledge Package to introduce users to the terms of a field. When we click on one of these terms it becomes the Personal Term in Use whicih can be further studied through the Choices Box in the Right Margin. Additional Left Margin Elements occur in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Mode respectively: Basic Level Related Personal Terms Variant Terms Intermediate Level Related Personal Terms Variant Names Translations Advanced Level Personal Terms Related Personal Terms Subject Terms Broader Term Narrower Term Related Term Variant Names Translations These Elements are highlighted only if there are actual examples for that specific term. More details are found in the descriptions for the 3 Levels. ---- Presentations which are presently in the Left Margin will be listed in Choices Box.