Who? What?

Who? What? PBT Choices 001. Knowledge Choices 01. Knowledge Choices 1. Knowledge BT Subsumptive Relations PRT Authors - Subjects Being - Substance Biography - Disciplines Essence - Substance Knower - Knowledge Living Entities - Entities Names - Terms Subject - Object NT Who? What? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Who? What? Biography - Disciplines Biography-- Bibliography Names - Terms Both Who and What have: Entitites - Attributes Entities - Properties Subsumptive Relations Ther are various attempts to reduce knowledge to What? One version is simply to reduce the dictinctiom Living Entities - Entities Other versions are to separate: Knower - Knowledge Subject - Object Mind -Body Within Entities -Attributes Attributes contain Quantity = Choices 5 Quality = Choices 6 Who What Metaphysical Spirits, Spirtualism Magic Mental Biography Ontology Physical Persons Objects Man-Made Statues Sculptures Social Encounters, Events Occurences, Happenings