3. Internet

Strategies 3. Internet There are three stages of complexity in using the system. Stage 1: In Basic Level there are 6 words under the 6 questions. In Intermediate Level there are 12 words under the 6 questions In Advanced Mode there are 18 word under the 6 questions In Strategy 3. Internet, when we click on one of these terms SUMS automatically takes us to a wiki Portal or entry for that term. Stage 2: When we choose a term from a knowledge package, SUMS automatically displays a Wiki entry for that term. Stage 3: When we choose a term in a knowledge package such as architecture and then click on Theory, SUMS looks for theory and architecture and finds Architectural Theory Stage 4 In Intermediate Level SUMS automatically searches for the Term we are using in Wiki under Portals, Categories, Topics, Lists. If it finds results the user sees a line: Further Terms. When we click on this we see the four words: Portals, Categories, Topics, Lists with the successful ones highloghted. When we click on these, e.g Portals then we have a display of all Portals by Wiki on this topic Stage 5 In Advanced Level the same approach is used and extended to Citizedium, Google, Yahoo, Amazon