Advanced Query Terms

Questions Terms Choices = QT Choices QT Choices combine 1 question with an increasing number of terms. The number after QT indicates the number of these terms For instance, QT 1 links the 6 questions with 6 terms: Who? What? Where? When? How? Why? Authors Subjects Places Dates Practice Theory We begin by choosing a Personal Term or Subject term, e.g. Technology. Clicking on authors then searches for Authors on Technology. Clicking on Subjects searches for Technology Subjects etc. QT 2 links the 6 questions with 12 terms: Who? Authors Organizations What? Subjects Keywords Where? Countries Cities When Dates Timelines How Methods Techniques Why Theory Philosophy (of) QT 3 links the 6 questions with 18 terms: Who? Authors Organizations Occupations What? Class Subjects Keywords Where? Map Countries Cities When Dates Timelines History of How Methods Practice Techniques Why Prnciples Theory Philosophy (of) QT 10 links the 6 questions with 180 terms, now under individual questions, e.g. Why? become QT 10 Why? 1. Why 2. Origins, Roots 3. Basis, Foundation 4. Principles 5. Cause 6. Purpose 7. Reason 8. Outcome, Result 9. Consequences, Effects 10. Influences, Implications Say we are studying Perspective. If we choose QT 10 Why? SUMS searches simultaneously for all ten terms in: Explanations, Titles, Full Contents or another of the Knowledge Levels. This is a short cut method for doing 10 searches with 1 choice. This approach is especially useful when we are exploring a field. If we have specific questions regarding a subject we shift to Choices 7. Questions.