Media Displays

Media Displays are variously called: Media Descriptors (HTML) Media Types Media Outputs cf. Information Kinds screen Intended for non-paged computer screens. tty Intended for media using a fixed-pitch character grid, such as teletypes, terminals, or portable devices with limited display capabilities. tv Intended for television-type devices (low resolution, color, limited scrollability). projection Intended for projectors. handheld Intended for handheld devices (small screen, monochrome, bitmapped graphics, limited bandwidth). print Intended for paged, opaque material and for documents viewed on screen in print preview mode. braille Intended for braille tactile feedback devices. aural Intended for speech synthesizers. all Suitable for all devices. Cited from Website: W3C Basic HTML data types Not included in HTML Media Desciptors but usually included in Media Types is: embossed.