Grammar - Logic

Originally there was Grammar, Dialcetic, Rhetoric which becmae Grammar Logic Rheoiorc The first two of these were often coupled: Gammar - Logoc Syntax Semantics Structure Meaning Synthesis Analysis In the 20th century these coupled terms became linked with the major movements and trends in scholarship: Abstract Grammar - Abstract Logic Adaptive Grammar - Adaptive Logic Algebraic Grammar - Algrebraic Logic Behavioral Grammar - Behavioral Logic Description Grammar - Description Logic Emergent Grammar Emergent Logic Pattern Grammar - Pattern Logic Adaptive Grammar - Adaptive Logic Topological Grammar - Topological Logic The same trends had their impact on Syntax and Semantics, e.g. Algebraic Syntax - Algebriac Semantics Pattern Syntax - Pattern Semantic Synchronic Syntax- Synchronic Semantics Topological Syntax - Topological Semantics Description Syntax Description Semantics Grammar Logic http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/rre94fibred.html s