muNDa Cologne Snaskrit Dictioanry mf({A})n. shaved , bald , having the head shaved or the hair shorn Mn. MBh. &c. having no horns , hornless (as a cow or goat) Var. stripped of top leaves or branches , lopped (as a tree) MBh. pointless , blunt Kathas. without awns or a beard (a kind of corn) L. low , mean W. m. a man with a shaven head , bald-headed man Yajn. i , 271 (also applied to Siva) MBh. the trunk of a lopped tree W. a barber L. N. of Rahu L. of a Daitya Hariv. of a king Buddh. pl. N. of a people MBh. of a dynasty VP. ({A}) f. a (close-shaved) female mendicant L. a widow Gal. a species of plant L. Bengal madder W. ({I}) f. Sphaerantus Hirtus Bhpr. N. of one of the Matris attending on Skanda MBh. n. (L. also n.) a shaven head , any head Kav. Rajat. iron L. myrrh L