Seventeen Questions

17 Questions 1 What if? Possibility utrum? 2 What? Nature, essence quid? 3 From what? Material stuff, substance de quo? 4 Why? Causality, reason quare? 5 How big? Quantity, size quantum? 6 How good? Quality quale? 7 When? Since when? Time quando? 8 Where? From where? Place ubi? 9 How? In which way? Modality quomodo? 10 By which means? Instrumentality cum quo? 11 By what? Potentiality, capability 12 How generated? Genesis 13 By whom? Originator, producer 14 With whom? Accompanied by, together with 15 For what purpose? Finality 16 How occurring? Occurrence, in parallel, in connection 17 Under which condition? Condition Dahlberg 2008.