Audience One of the curious leftovers of the oral tration is that we typically speak in terms of hearing. Those who hear are an audience and they gather in an auditorium. Although we speak of viewers we do not speak typically of a visience or a visorium. We speak of viewing audience. MICHAEL distinguishes the following kinds of audence: Browse by audience This search allows you to browse for services and products (such as websites and CD-Roms) that have been prepared for particular audiences. Academic research (1077) Children (55) Formal education (424) General public (1875) Leisure or tourism (456) Life-long learning (274) Professional Academisch onderzoek (1077) Kinderen (55) Formeel onderwijs (424) Algemeen publiek (1875) Vrijetijdsbesteding of toerisme (456) Levenslang leren (274) Professioneel (677)