Zodiac Square

Zodiac Square (India)

This has a central magic square with 2 x 2 = 4 Squares.
These are inscribed wth the sacred words;



Surrounding these 4 squares are 12 squares which mark the 12 signs of the zodiac.
Pisces                               Taurus                             Gemini
Mina                                   Viishab                            Mithuna
Moon                                  Mars                                Mercury
Monday                              Tuesday                         Wednesday
Capricorn                                                                   Leo
Makar                                                                          Karka
Saturn                                                                         Sun/ Surya
Saturday                                                                     Sunday
Sagittarius                                                                 Virgo
Dhanus                                                                      Kanya  
Jupiter                                                                        Venus  
Thursday                                                                   Friday
 Note that these 12 zodiac signs also include the 7 days pf the week. If we trace a line beginning with Saturday and Sunday we note that it proceeds to Monday -Tueday Wednesday to form a reversed Z. If we then take Monday- Tuesday, Wednesday and join them to Thursay and Friday we have a Z. The sequence 1 to 7 thus forms a Z, summarizing the movement A to Z. 
If we posit a beginning with Sunday, as in the Hebrew tradition, then letters 2 to 6 form the main Z.    
The 12 Rasis and the Lords who own them