Tree of Oneness

Tree of Oneness Thus is it the Primal Oneness (al-ah@adiyyah) in its essence and the derived Oneness (al-wah@idiyyah) in its attributes. And from it there appears plurality through manifestation [is manifested plurality, z@uhur] and illumination, and it becomes divided, dispersed and manifold, and radiates . And so the horizons and souls become filled and illumined by it on the Day of the Covenant, and on account of it the tabernacles of unity tremble and are set in motion. From it there grow the branches of the tree of oneness and by it they are clothed in the primal garment and the most perfect light. And from a single sign (ayah) from it there appear all of the (Divine) names to which human realities can attain and from a mark (simah) from it there grow forth all of the true hidden (Divine) attributes http://www.northill.demon.co.uk/relstud/tafsir-surat-rum.htm