Ganta Thusu, K.N., and Jha, M., “The Ollar Gadaba of Koraput”, Anthropological Survey of India. Calcutta Memoir No. 27, 1969. In the village of Gadaba tribals the shrine called Jhakir vendit (deity) is situated towards the northwest of the main habitation area of the village, close to a perennial hill stream. The shrine is located in an open, unoccupied piece of land, in the midst of stones or boulders, and surrounded by thick bushes or trees. The sacred objects are kept hidden in the hollow formed by stones under the shadow of trees, as also as the surrounding area, remains unkept and unattended. The Ganga shrine lies hidden amidst the thick bushes and the creeping plants, directly under the Ganta tree. The sacred objects consisting of earthen vessels are kept in a cavity under a flat stone, being blocked by another stone in such a manner as to give the appearance of a natural rock formation. http://www.ecoheritage.cpreec.org/scared_groves_source.htm