Paradesha Many traditions speak of a supreme spiritual centre or ‘supreme country’. The ‘supreme country’ that does not necessarily lay at a specific earthly point, but exists in a primordial state, unaffected by terrestrial cataclysms.... The Vedic texts say the ‘supreme country’ is known as Paradesha, also called the ‘Heart of the World’. It is the word from which the Chaldeans formed Pardes, and Westerners Paradise. There is notably another name for it probably even older than Paradesha. This name is Tula, called by the Greeks Thule. Common to regions from Russia to Central America, Tula represented the primordial state from which spiritual power emanated. It is known that the Mexican Tula owes its origin to the Toltecs who came, it is said, from Aztlan, the ‘land in the middle of the water’, which is evidently Atlantis. They brought the name Tula from their country of origin and gave it to a centre which consequently must have replaced, to a certain extent, that of the lost continent. On the other hand, the Atlantean Tula must be distinguished from the Hyperborean Tula, which latter represents the first and supreme centre http://www.geocities.com/integral_tradition/hyperbor.html