Boaz - Jachin Terms

Boaz - Jachin
Left Right
Left Pillar Right Pillar
North South
Silver Gold
Pillar of Cloud Pillar of Fire
Day Night
Boaz Jachin
Strength Establishment
Clouds Fire
Hiram, the architect sent by King Hiram of Tyre, cast a pair of hollow bronze pillars that stood on the outer portico of Solomon’s temple, one finished in silver and the other in gold and studded with emeralds. Standing in the north, the pillar of silver represented the pillar of smoke and was called Boaz, which signifies strength. Standing in the south, the pillar of gold and emeralds represented the pillar of fire and was called Jachin, which signifies establishment. The manifestation of the deity in Hebrew history as a pillar of clouds and a pillar of fire points to the origin of the two pillars in the earliest recorded Aryan conceptions of the divine presence. http://www.sinfonia.org/Resources/writings/Mongiovi/TheTwoPillars.pdf

Black Pillar Severity Left North
bq. White Pillar Mercy Right South
bq. Black Pillar Boaz Stolistes
bq. White Pillar Jachin Dadouchos