Yushamin Ethinsib-Ziwa son of Yushamin and Bihrat who led the yushamin war on heaven Ethinsib-Ziwa disturbed the Shekiritas http://essenes.net/index.php?Itemid=766&id=16&option=com_content&task=view Yushamin - Bihrat Anana Yushamin the Pure son of Nisbutun Second Life Peacock Uthra Malak Tawus Tausa Prince of Darkness Peacock Angel an angel of fertility who resides in the wellsprings of light. He is one of the three supreme Mandaean uthri (angels). See Samandirie lhttp://hafapea.com/angelpages/angels7.html Then a revolution occurred in heaven. Yushamin attempted to seize the government, but failed, and was punished by ejection from the pure ethereal world into that of inferior light. (A similar story of the revolt of Satan and of his banishment to the subterranean regions is found in the haggadic literature; see Gen. R. iv.) Manda de-Ḥayye revealed himself to humanity in a series of incarnations, first taking the forms of the three brothers Hibil, Shitiel, and Anosh (the Biblical Abel, Seth, and Enoch). The most prominent of these is Hibil, who possesses the same attributes as Manda de-Ḥayye, with whom he is often confounded. http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view.jsp?artid=130&letter=M