Parwanaiia or Panja parauanaiaa the month of P. (i.e. end Ellul and Tisrin), end of Virgo and Beginning of Libra panja time of spring festival at the baginning of Nisan [end March early April] For the first day belongeth to the King of Kings, Father of all worlds, in it He who is great and lofty created Himself. The second day is that in which the Lord of (Celestial ) Majesty (Rabuta) created himself. The third day is Mara d-Rabutha, he who created Manda d Hiia (knowledge of life): in it he created himself. The fourth day is Mara d-Rabutha, he who is Dmuth-Kusta; he created himself therein. The fifth day which is the day of Commemorations running streams were distributed, for he Mara d-Rabutha, Divider of running streams, he created himself therein. For they are five Kings, in them they created themselves and they are the five mysteries of the Beginning in which spirit and soul rejoice (at?) the seven crowns that are placed upon them. (