Divine Man

Divine Man Now the first Sephirah, which is called the Crown, the Aged, 2 the Primordial or the Smooth Point, 3 the White Head, the Long Face, Macroprosopon, p. 68 the Inscrutable Height, 4 contained the other nine Sephiroth and gave rise to them in the following order: from the first Sephirah proceeded a masculine or active potency designated (2) Chochma, "Wisdom," and an opposite, i.e., a feminine or passive potency, called (3) Bina, "Intelligence." These two opposite potencies are joined together by the first potency, and thus yield the first triad of the Sephiroth. ..... Divine Man... the Crown represents the head; Wisdom, the brains; Intelligence which unites the two and produces the first triad, the heart or the understanding