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First Life - Second Life
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Great Life - Yushamin
Mana-Kushta - Yushamin-Bihrat
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Great Life Joshamin Abathur Ptahil Keeper of the Scales Abba and Amma Hayye
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Yushamin Abathur Yeshu Ziwa Kushta Bihrat 3rd Envoy Maria Noorah Virgin of light
The kabalistic version of the "War in Heaven" and the "Fall of the Angels" is also given in the Codex Nazareus, the scripture of the Nazarenes. Thus it is told how the "Father of the Genii" is ordered to construct creatures (to create). But as he is "ignorant of Orcus" ("the bottomless pit") he fails to do so, and calls in Fetahil, a still purer spirit to his aid, who fails still worse. This is a repetition of the failure of the "Fathers," the Lords of Light (of the Stanzas), who fail one after the other. This relates, as seen, to those hosts who could not create forms because devoid of the material element in their natures. Fetahil, though King of Light with the Nazarenes and the creator, in this instance is "the unlucky Prometheus, who fails to get hold of the living Fire necessary for the formation of the divine Soul, as he is ignorant of the secret name, the ineffable or incommunicable name of the kabalists." http://www.blavatsky.net/magazine/theosophy/ww/additional/ListOfCollatedArticles/TheNazareneSystem.html