Elements and Ogham

The Druid tradition has 5 elements:
Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit

Each of these goes through five combinations, e.g.:

Spirit of Air
Fire of Air
Air of Air
Water of Air
Earth of Air

Thiese are linked with the first five letters of the Ogham alphabet: BLFSN

The next five combinations produce

Spirit of Fire
Fire of Fire
Air of Fire
Water of Fire
Earth of Fire

These are linked with the next five letters of the Ogham alphabet: HDTCQ.

Combinations of elements thus underly the Ogham Alphabet.

In the Druid magical tradition the sequence is sometimes arranged as:

Air, Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire


Ogham and the Elements

Beith Spirit of Air
Luis Fire
Nuin Air
Feam Water
Seile Earth

koland, oir, uleand, phagos, mor
Koland Spirit of Spirit
Oir Fire
Uleand Air
Phagos Water
Moir Earth

Ailn Spirit of Earth
Onn Fire
Ur Air
Eadha Water
Ioho Earth

Muir Spirit of Water
Gort Fire
Ngetal Air
Straff Water
Auls Earth

Huath Spirit of Fire
Duir Fire
Tinne Air
Colk Water
Quert Earth

huath, duir, tinne, colk, quert