Sabao Sabaw 1004 Dionysius These Seven Archons were represented in this System by animals -- Michael by a lion; Suriel by a bull; Raphael by a serpent; Gabriel by an eagle; Thoutabaoth by a bear; Eratsaoth by a dog; Ouriel by an ass; these names being Cabalistic equivalents of the Archons, Origen names the rulers thus: Adonai (sun); Jao (moon); Eloi; (Jupiter); Sabao (Mars); Orai (Venus); Astapohi (Mercury); Ildabaoth (Saturn). Ophite, or serpent symbolism, is ancient as the world, and one of the sacred alphabets represented the writhing curves of serpents. satanicsingles.com/library/The%20Arcane%20Schools%20by%20John%20Yarker%20(Golden%20Dawn%20and%20O.T.O).pdf Michael, Suriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Thoutaboath, Eratsoath, Ouriel Lion, Bull, Serpent, Eagle, Bear, Dog, Ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn Adonai, Jao, Eloi, Sabao, Orai, Astapohi, Ildaboath